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We’re so proud of our lovely team at The Gap Hair Design. They’re not just expert stylists, they love their job and their clients too.

They thought they’d share a few of their favourite hairdressing moments with you!

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“Any quotes? Spend some time thinking and make it memorable”

This is where you tell your story as a founder. It’s the story of you, your mission, and how your brand brings your mission to life. Overlook it and you risk having a forgettable brand in a sea of products.

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Manager/Senior Stylist

I love working with Nak products and I even got to work behind the scenes with the Nak styling team at the Ekka. It gets better and better every year and I learn so much when I work on the models. It’s great being able to bring that knowledge back to the salon for my clients.


Senior Stylist

I’ve been a stylist for 36 years and I played around in the family salon from the age of three months – you could say it’s in my blood! Seeing the joy on my client’s faces is such a boost, it’s why I do what I do and why I’ve made this my life.


Senior Stylist

I went off on maternity leave and as soon as I walked in through the salon door, it felt like coming home. Seeing all my amazing clients again was such a special moment. It was great to be back however I've now gone on maternity leave again so I'm looking forward to seeing you all again when I get back.


Emerging Stylist

For me, being a hairdresser is the purpose of making a life changing difference for my client. I want to be able to help make an impact on the way they approach their day to day life with a new sense of confidence.


Tea and Tidy

Lizzie is on her way to university and loves to help out after school and on the weekends. She has joined our dream team to help out when we get really busy.